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Andrew Davis

Ok, love this list... here are a couple of things I think you can add to the menu...

17. Actual increase in sales
18. Actual reduction in costs (for example, support costs)
19. Increase in prosumer brand advocate reviews (across channels)
20. Change in 'conversation' against competitors or the category as measured in Google Insights.

There, at least we're at an even 20...

I have a ton of other ones... (cost per new customer acquisition or increase in online market share as measured by Google insights or Trends) but just want to keep the juices flowing.
Thanks for the post!

Tom Collins

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the input. I can see some overlap in your added menu items with a couple of the originals, but as I wrote in the post, I think that's both inherent and beneficial.

I just followed you on Twitter and will begin re-connecting with my social media writing. If you've looked at my recent stuff, you may have picked up on the fact that we (Yvonne DiVita and me) are deep in the process of moving WME from New York to Colorado. I think we've now shifted from a "hurry up" phase to a temporary "wait" phase, while the banks and realtors do their things. So I'm hoping to get started on fleshing out what goes into (and comes back out of) each flavor.

I hope you'll stay in touch and contribute more of your ideas, too.

Thanks again,


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