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Yvonne DiVita

Speaking from experience, I found it even more valuable and interesting when I pretended to be invisible, up there driving the car. The kids (mine and others as we did a lot of carpooling back then - you know, to dance and karate, and gymnastics) would chatter away like they were in another world and the driver (me) was not even there.

I learned a whole lot about them and their little lives outside of our house, by maintaining my silence. I listened - unobtrusively, only interjecting myself if necessary. Mostly they just talked about what went on at school...things they would NEVER have told me outright, if I'd asked.

I guess social media, especially Twitter, can be like that. You listen, you gain knowledge, and when it's proper and necessary, you join the conversation. Because even though we all know the world is listening, we tend to speak our minds in blogs and on Facebook and Twitter - sometimes to our detriment, but often to our benefit. And to the benefit of brands smart enough to listen and respond when they should.

Julie Wittes Schlack

Thanks for the kind words, Tom, and for the humor. While I've never been charged with waterboarding, my daughter has gently suggested that I refrain from "interrogating" her boyfriend de jour. Thanks too for the reference to Rohit's book -- I'll definitely check it out.

Amber Kelps

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

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