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Obama and his campaign set a new precedent for both politics and business in this country. For any leader looking to leverage the power of the crowds through social technologies, community, and transparency, they need not look further than Obama and his team.

Alexa | @alexa on Twitter
Community manager at www.barackinc.com

Tom Collins


Well, I don't know about "look no further than Obama and his team" but I certainly agree that's a great place to start and provides many valuable lessons for businesses large and small.

Your Barack, Inc. blog (http://community.barackinc.com/bo-blog01) is a good resource, too, for those willing to learn. I'm enjoying the podcasts.

Thanks for the input!



Hey Tom,

Thanks for writing back! The reason I so emphatically reference Obama is that his campaign effectively raised $650M during the electionn. He won by what I believe to be a 6 point margin and had an 80% approval rating going into office. If we were to translate that into business terms, he raised $650M of capital, increased his profit margin by 6, and had 80% customer satisfaction or loyalty.

I know tons of companies that reap the business benefits of using social media, but I truly believe Obama's campaign was the ultimate case study.

Thanks for stopping by the Barack, Inc. website and plugging it on Twitter :)


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