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Mary Anne Shew

Social networking tools such as blogging and Twitter have too many smart people using them (ahem...I don't mean me) to believe they aren't getting something out of it. Certainly something that cannot be quantified in any financial sense. Something that makes the reading and writing involved not just worthwhile but elevates those activities to lifelines for these people.

Using these tools remind me of activities like creating art or playing music. I don't think artists or musicians ever ask themselves what the ROI or ROi is, or need to. Any artist or musician, if asked what such a figure would be, is likely to respond at first in surprise at even being asked a question.

It's like asking the question, what's the return on investment in being human?

When I show someone the quilt I'm creating by hand that will have over 5,000 separate pieces when it's finished, if they are not a quilter, guess what their first questions are. "How long has it taken you so far?" "How long will it take to finish?" "Why would you do such a thing?"

I smile and tell them, "I don't know. It doesn't matter." And usually they smile back.

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